HITEC road® offers full technical support every step of the way to maximise the success and quality of each and every project- Below is a summary of the 6 steps.

Preparing the surface

  • Free navigability of the area secure.
  • Soil water content optimize.
  • On-site construction / compaction of the ground surface.
  • Target area and identify appropriate protection of existing pipelines and sewers.

Spreading binder

  • Tests for determining the mixing ratio.
  • Spreading of the binder.
  • Scattering process by means of suitable vehicles and monitoring its spread.

Introducing the additive

  • Mill cement/ HITEC road® additive mixture to the strength required using large or transverse cutting units, in the soil.
  • At the required cutting depth > 50 cm, the in – situ soil is to be dug away, temporarily stored at the side, mixed with binder and reintroduced.

Surface irrigation

  • Irrigate the base course (protect against evaporation) using an irrigation unit.
  • Assure continuous water flow without interruption during the cutting process.
  • Refilling process using a vacuum.

Surface compaction

  • On-site preparation of finer levelling.
  • Carry out dynamic and/or static compaction at an average of 100% DPR, using appropriate apparatus.
  • If applicable, re-groove using a (laser controlled) motor grader at an average of 100% DPR, with appropriate apparatus.

Quality control and safety

  • Geo-technical support: use a static load plate pressure test in accordance with DIN 18 134, and a dynamic plate pressure test. Also use light drop-weight apparatus.
  • Obtain core samples for testing.
  • Carry out diverse quality and standard control processes, e.g. compressive strength tests.