Ankie Kamstra, CEO

Based on our family legacy in the infrastructure industry, HITEC Road® sets out to positively influence the future of Global infrastructure by means of circular innovation and collaboration.

Our product and methodology offers a future-fit combination that can pave the actual roads (infrastructure) for future generations.

We look forward to engaging an impactful conversation with you.

The road to more sustainable infrastructure, we can explore and build together.

Our core values represent who we are; embedding the historical values of how we think and operate. HITEC Road® aligns to the future-fit challenges that infrastructural projects demand and impose. Our multidisciplinary approach allows all partners involved to be more impactful with regards to operational, financial and sustainability parameters. Both from an environmental and efficiency perspective.

As a Global Sustainable Company, HITEC Road® commits to clearly identified focus areas (online in 2023). Focus areas that comprise how we link both technical and human related topics, into a measurable Impact Strategy.

HITEC’s Impact Strategy reflects our strategic and future-fit objectives in reference to our entire business and supply chain.

HITEC-Novocrete® is a verified sustainable product.

Click here to read more about our product rating. By applying HITEC-Novocrete® in sustainable infrastructural projects, you can align to projects driven by sustainability.

We welcome questions regarding our Impact Strategy.

During 2022 and 2023 we will continue to implement our impact strategy and commit to the being a future-fit partner that meets the highest of sustainable standards. The compass methodology ensures that we focus on the right topics. Saving valuable time and guiding our business towards future resilient objectives.

Value compass & Impact Acceleration Method (I AM)

HITEC Road® continues to lead by example and has adopted the value compass methodology in order to further expand our transparency and innovation.


Future proof we define as using less or existing materials in production processes.

To minimise the use of polluting materials and to be transparent about our use of any material.

Future proof also means to collaborate on projects, anywhere in the world, where infrastructure can add to improving infrastructure. For instance, in less developed areas or in aid of future challenges such as rising water levels. Future proof means serving the future without harming it. We embed learning into our business model, allowing us to grow towards future demands and to learn to adapt and align to more and more future related infrastructural projects.


Our future proof approach leads to a cost and material effective process.

Our international background and approach of creating consortiums allows us to align international partners and projects to the benefits we feel are important in being more effective.


The basis of our value ‘innovative’ is the product and legacy we set forward.

We feel that our combination of values and transparent approach towards the future adds to our innovative character.

We set out to attract similar partners that are willing to rise beyond political and other stake-holder related complexities and into the innovative collaboration that helps accelerate infrastructural projects towards a more sustainable future.


Driven by passion. Driven by the legacy we feel proud to continue. Driven by creating a better future.

Driven by the excitement that making a difference on a global scale makes that we at HITEC are driven to meet future demands by means of applying future proof goals, metrics, values and data.

Fundamental impact goals:

  • Align to future law and regulations regarding circularity and sustainability by means of a transparent and measurable approach (GSES)
  • To be a collaborative partner on a global scale related to infrastructural projects that make a positive difference
  • To be a part of future proof innovation and to continue developing our product and process to be a leading example in the world
  • To deliver value and to offer a cost and material effective solution on a broad scale
  • To be the legacy our ancestors envisioned
  • To help our partners and projects rise beyond common values and to prove that creating a better future really is possible
  • To expose all the values and knowledge that we collectively hold in order to set examples for the continued innovation the world needs