About us

We are a family business with a trading history in this market that goes back to the 1950’s, conducting our core business under the banner of the construction company Werklust.

 Hitec Road

The CEO of Werklust at the time, Mr. R.A. Cosman, created a strong network in the Middle East. He started his career with Werklust in 1949 and was the CEO of Werklust until 1983. First and foremost he was responsible for the global sales, especially in the Arab market. Furthermore, he participated in the Holland Floating Exhibition, promoted by the Dutch Council for Trade Promotion, the Dutch Institute for the Middle East and the Africa Institute.

HITEC Road® develops and produces a high quality “soil stabilizer” product technology. This technology has been used all around the globe, but mainly in Europe and meets the highest infrastructure construction quality standards (DIN – Deutsche Industrie Norm) in the world. Since, among others, we are specialists in producing and building/repairing world-class roads, rails, (air)ports as well as housing projects and industry parks, we apply our knowledge of cementitious formulating to a wide range of industry applications. Our high quality products make roads safer, stronger (earthquake proof), more flexible, environmentally friendly as well as climate resistant and play a crucial part in a diverse range of manufacturing sectors. By using the Hitec Road Product Technology costs are reduced by approximately 30% and construction time by around 70%.

HITEC Road® and its partners have a proven track record worldwide that can tackle most challenging road projects no matter what the soil is made up of, such as earth, mud, clay, rock, sand and is particularly effective in fine sandy deserts. Before starting any project, our technical engineers will take samples of the local earth which will be analysed in the HITEC Road ® laboratory facilities to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of HITEC Road ®, and within a matter of 24 to 48 hours the base of any earth will be fit for any road.

HITEC Road® approaches each project with a cooperative mindset, working with a selected group of professionals, and global Consortium Partners towards the common goal of successful project delivery. Our innovative and cost-effective specialization together with our partners ensure that each project is matched with the best global resources and professional expertise. Through technical skill, preconstruction know how, and self performance capability, we can anticipate project challenges and develop solutions that meet clients’ objectives resulting in almost no maintenance for roads.

Our company fully guarantees the durability of the structure and we fully comply with the country’s standards and its construction requirements. We offer a construction guarantee of up to 10 years. International construction guarantees are maximum 3 years.

Financial Business Services

Our consortium is also able to fully manage the project funding through solid international banks such as Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch or Goldman Sachs. These projects are funded through the form of sovereign financial guarantees.